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Mid-to-senior Operations

Managing through disruption

Against a backdrop of geopolitical and economic uncertainty, disruption to global supply chains, and rising costs, the spotlight is on the agile, resilient, risk-astute quality, logistics, supply chain, and procurement professionals that can steer you through.

Digital and data foresight

The masters of digital and data will become increasingly sought after, enabling oversight of what are necessarily becoming more complex operating environments. Real-time connection, AI and predictive machine-learning analytics will help offer some resilience. The efficiencies offered by automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) means organisations will need proven people to ensure these expensive tools are fully leveraged.

Values versus Value

How much extra will your customers pay for something that is sustainably and ethically produced? Today’s manufacturing and engineering leaders must hold cost and social and environmental responsibilities in perpetual tension, factoring in all three to the total cost of supply. The organisations attracting the best talent, and thriving not just surviving, are purpose-driven and making a genuine difference.


A flexible approach to talent

Successful organisations are the ones who adapt the quickest. In times of transition, you need a range of appropriate talent options. Whether it is expertise to fill a knowledge gap, a technology team to usher in change or interim management to maintain business as usual while you recruit for a permanent role, we ensure you always have the people you need when you need them.

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How we work

When getting it wrong can cost as much as three times a role’s annual salary, we ensure you get it right first time, every time. Built up over many years, our clients have access to extensive talent networks. Our specialist expertise means you benefit from a breadth and depth of market experience and insight that brings an objective clarity to the most complex of people-resource challenges.

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Richard Northall - Principal Consultant

Richard Northall

Having sat on the other side of the desk, in leadership roles for large-scale manufacturing and distribution businesses, Richard knows what great looks like. He approaches recruitment for his clients in the same way he did as a stakeholder, diving deep to find the perfect fit.

For the inside track on securing the operations, logistics, supply chain, and procurement professionals who can generate genuine business value, call Richard on 07712 404393

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The people you need when you need them

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We know what great looks like

Whether through permanent and interim recruitment or project consultancy and solution delivery, we are people experts who work with expert people to support, develop, and guide our clients’ organisations.

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