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Leaders in Digital,
Data & Technology (DDaT)

Whatever the sector, technology will be shaping its future

DDat offers visionary leaders the tools to completely re-imagine the way they do business, engaging with customers, employees, stakeholders, and suppliers in ever new and more relevant ways. How you utilise it will define your future..

Turning aspiration into reality

Today’s technology leaders need more than technical expertise; they are the commercially astute individuals who can align technology with sound, strategic business objectives to drive change across the whole of an organisation. Innovation aside, security has become an urgent priority.


In a world where digital disruptors are turning whole industries on their heads, technology seers are at a premium. As a talent ally, we give you the inside track to securing the talent you need for mission-critical technology roles where only very particular skill sets and personality profiles will succeed.

Data & Analytics

Data, allied with intelligent machine learning and analytics, has become a powerful tool across the whole enterprise. Beyond enhancing engagement, data is also providing the insight that is giving organisations the advantage in operational performance and informed strategic decision making.

Walking the line

The latest technologies not only offer potentially limitless possibilities they also offer significant challenge. The CISO walks a tightrope of risk, balancing the aspirations and objectives of the business with the need for protection and control. With threats becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated, ultra-technical cyber-security roles are becoming business critical.

Successful implementation of any technology initiative is necessarily a multi-discipline enterprise. Harnessing the potential of diversity and difference can be a potent creative force when looking to innovate and disrupt.”

Sophie Peters, DDaT specialist and Director, Seymour John

Further insights

The people you need when you need them

Working in partnership with Arden & GEM CSU to provide multi-specialism, multi-role temporary and fixed-term contract support to the NHS.


Wanted… Genuine leader (who also happens to be a Finance Director)

With values now playing a key part in the corporate mix, recruiting leaders with the right cultural fit has become increasingly important


Team recruitment campaign for a new Shared Services Centre

In a competitive candidate market, businesses need a proven talent ally with extensive networks to ensure they can attract the right people, as and when they’re needed – especially when recruiting for multiple roles.


We know what great looks like

Whether through permanent and interim recruitment or project consultancy and solution delivery, we are people experts who work with expert people to support, develop, and guide our clients’ organisations.

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