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About Us

Helping people and organisations thrive

We believe that where people flourish, organisations thrive. Whether it is delivering permanent and interim talent solutions or aligned people and change initiatives, ours is an integrated, holistic approach to people and performance.

Engage. Equip. Empower.

The equation is simple: people who are in the right role, who have the right tools, and who are engaged, motivated, and empowered are more productive, creative, and effective.

People are our business

We are fiercely committed to the people we work with, building long-term relationships based on mutual trust and respect. We apply the same tailored, supportive, flexible approach to our team as we do to the candidates and clients we support. Honest, open, collaborative, we model a more positive, progressive, and productive organisational culture.

We work with

Ambitious start-ups and SMEs through to established corporates and public-sector organisations, bringing an objective clarity to the most complex of people-resource challenges.

Whether it is the attraction of new talent or the development of your existing people, ours is a human-centric, quality-over-quantity approach that unlocks potential, reduces costs, and supports sustainable growth and profitability.

To prosper in today's complex business environments, organisations need people and performance solutions that are integrated and aligned.

Mark Seymour, Founding Director

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We know what great looks like

Whether through permanent and interim recruitment or project consultancy and solution delivery, we are people experts who work with expert people to support, develop, and guide our clients’ organisations.

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